Birthday Skies

It's my mum's birthday today, which is partly why today's post is a little late. You see, I had a project I really had to finish and I managed it, well almost anyway. 

I haven't  been spinning on the Fiber Obsession Silk/BFL blend for long, a few rainy days and a deadline has pushed me to do more spinning, than I usually do. Which I must say, I've  thoroughly enjoyed. 

I finished the last of the singles Monday. Mum decided she wanted a two ply and asked for 550m. That amount of meters from 113g. is pushing my ability to its limits. But she wanted that much and had already picked a pattern, so I did my best. 

Yesterday I plied it all up and mum was gushing over the colours, telling me she had always wished for a yarn that could capture the skies so well (huge cad eau to Fiber Obsession for dying it so well). She even asked me how many daughters would make such a gift for their mothers, to which I replied; How many mothers would want such a gift? 

I think it's safe to say that she is as happy as can be with her birthday present. 

But the yarn wasn't finished yet. I skeined it this morning and then came the moment of truth. I counted and counted and counted, and then I smiled. I hadn't made my mum's goal of 550m. What I had was a lovely, thin, fairly even and well balanced yarn that totalled five hundred, wait for it, forty, there is more, five, point, 4 meters - give or take. 

To say that I'm well pleased would be an understatement. Assuming I haven't miscounted, I'm less than 5m from my mum's wish. I don't think I've ever spun anything that precise before.

Happy birthday, mum. We'll give it a wash when you're done petting it tonight. 

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