Let's Review: Locking Stitch Markers

Locking stitch markers is one tool I wouldn't want to be without in my knitting bag. These small markers are useful for so many things, for instance:
  • Marking sections on your needles
  • Leaving in to illustrate how far you've come or for measuring purposes.
  • Holding pieces together when you try them on
  • Mark mistakes on long rows so you can fix them next time you reach them.
  • Hold a small number of stitches if you forgot a pin
  • For even more uses check out Knitting to Stay Sanes lovely roundup.
Between my mum and I we have three different brands of locking stitch makers which we use in almost every knit we make.

  • These are the cheapest kind we've ever seen, so if your budget is tight this is a good option.
  • The colours are strong (purple and green), standing out clearly from most yarns.
  • The edges are somewhat raw and I have snagged stitches on them.
  • They feel cheap to work with in comparison to the two others
  • Only comes in 2 colours
  • Comes in a bag with two sizes. This is a big pro if you often knit with chuncky yarn
  • Comes in the most colours, 4 (blue, white, salmon, yellow).
  • Medium price, still very affordable.
  • Comes in a bag with two sizes. If you, like me, rarely venture above size 3,5mm/US 4 needles, then this can be a con. I would prefer if I could by the two sizes separately.
  • The colours do not appeal to me they seem sickly. However your mileage may vary.

  •  Comes in a neat plactic pocket, that will keep them together in your knitting bag
  • Feels smooth to the touch.
  • The colours (green/blue and orange) are my kind of colours, however, your mileage may vary.
  • Only comes in two colours
  • The most expensive

The Verdict
As should be the case, I think you get what you pay for. To me the Clover markers are by far the nicest to work with and the most aesthetically appealing. That said, if you knit with bigger yarn than I do, or just prefer to have more colours to play with, the Pony ones are nice too. The Knit Picks / Knit Pro markers would only be my choice if your budget is seriously limited, but in that case they do the job well, compared to the cost. 

Bonus Tip
If you want your locking stitch markers to last, then always store them open. Storing locking stitch markers open ensures that the plastic isn't being stressed and thus they will last a lot longer before they break.

What kind do you prefer?

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