Micro Business - Learning from the Pros vol. 2

I'm not capable of saying anything meaningful on blogging or small business yet, which is why I continue to learn from the pros and share some highlights of what I learn with you. Here is a few of the things I've used and learned from in the past month.

I read about the 10 biggest mistakes a craft business can make over at the Creative Income Blog

I'm also soaking up knowledge from Leslie Samuel's podcast Learning With Leslie. This guy is teaching me so much about blogging and using blogging as a tool in a small business set-up.

Another fun thing I've been playing with is Canva, which is great for making graphics like this one.

There is one resource, which by far has had the biggest impact on this blog in the past month and that is How to make your Blogger blog not look like a, um, Blogger blog by Carrie over at Carrie Loves. That post single handedly made me so much more happy with the look of my blog. If you have a Blogger blog and are, shall we say less that thrilled with the standard look, then work your way through her tips.

You can find more goodies here:
Follow Pia @ Noget Uldent's board small biz tips on Pinterest.

Or here:
Vol. 1

What has made an impact on your blogging?


  1. Thanks for this info! I am currently working on my blog and fiddling with the layout, so your link about how to make your blog look less like Blogger is very helpful right now.

    1. Nadia, I'm so glad you found it useful. This is exactly why I do these posts! Let me know what changes you make :)