How to make a Lavender rattle

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Lavender, the trusted friend of any fibre lover, or at least I think it should be. Lavender is famous for its medicinal uses, it keeps the moths at bay and well, smell wonderful (except to moths, or maybe they like it too?).

To make a lavender rattle you need two things
1) A bunch of lavender (10, 20, 30, you decide, just keep it an even number)
 2) Some silk ribbon. 

Strip the leaves off the stems and gather a bunch. 
The rattle will have approximately the size of the flower heads. 

Tie a ribbon as close to the flowers as possible.

Bend the first two stems down and place the ribbon over them.
If you are making these later in the lavender season, 
then be careful as you bend the stems so the don't break.

Bend down the next two stems down over the ribbon. 

Continue bending the stems down and weaving the ribbon tightly over and under the stems. 

Cut the ribbon when all the flowers are covered and tie it tightly
Make a loop with the end of the ribbon to hang the rattle in.

Lavender rattles are wonderful in the bathroom, in the linen closet, your wardrobe and of course in your stash and knitting basket. They also make a wonderful hostess gift and last for years.

What is your favourite use of Lavender?

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