Home Office Inspiration

Knitting is not my full time gig, far from it in fact (as the amount of knitting done and shared this month will prove). I spend my days studying my little heart out surrounded by books en masse.
This past semester those books took over our dining table most days and got shuffled to the end of it by the end of the day. The result? Our tiny flat always looked messy and neither my man or I was thriving.

That is why I'm determined to redo our office space before the semester begins and you know maybe even study at the desk. Up until now, the desk has been my man's area (of doom), featuring his big screen stationary PC and a random mess. My hope is that after the re-do, the desk will be an inviting place for me to study as well as a home for his PC.

Naturally, the first step of any flat re-do is to head to Pinterest and gather inspiration, which I want to share with you guys.

The budget for our re-do is as close to ZERO as possible, I may sneak in a little paint, we'll see.
The one thing that bugs me with all these great pictures is that most of them don't contain standard home office things, where is the printer? The binders? Oh well, I guess they are too unsightly to include, but we have to have them.


  1. good luck with the desk project! I always think that I'll love working at home at a desk, but the reality is I prefer sitting on my couch with my knitting and my laptop. not glamourous, but comfy!

    1. I love that too at times, but for my degree I really need a desk. I typically have 4-6 books spread around me as I study. When I'm working on patterns however, the couch is a sure winner!