Spinning in the heat

Guided by that feeling inside, I chose the silk/BFL blend from Fibre Obsession as my birthday gift to my mum. Then I sat down outside one sunny day and began to separate it and make my usual pre-drafted centre pull cakes. Not a bad way to spend a sunny day.

Another day I took advantage of the summer rain to sit down and begin the spinning. There is always something so zen about spinning to me, but spinning a yarn, knowing that it will be a gift adds another layer of joy to the process.

Our salad bowl doubles as my yarn bowl when there isn't any salad in it, mostly because the bowl is so beautiful.

So far I have just under half the the singles done. I had planned on a 3 ply, but when I showed my mum the single she voted 2 ply and I told her she could have it just the way she wanted it. I have a feeling, she has already picked a pattern she wants to knit with it, so now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping there will be enough yarn for it. 

Are you taking part in Tour de Fleece this year or like me just spinning as usual? 

P.S. If you haven't entered in the giveaway yet, then don't fret, you have until midnight GMT. 

Carpe Lanem


  1. This year I am joining the Tour de Fleece for the first time and am enjoying it. I will be finishing my second yarn later today and will have to stash dive for the next fibre I want to use.

    1. Nadia, that is awesome. What a great opportunity to curate your stash and make some progress in your spinning as well.