I am bi-craftual. I have done so many crafts I stopped counting a long time ago and I'm sure I've even done some I can no longer remember. But being bi-craftual is not always a good thing and the last couple of years I've learned that I need to concentrate on a few and not spread myself too thin. There is studying to be done and food to be cooked and spaces to be cleaned, and there is only so many seconds in a day.

I've found even more reasons to be focused on a few crafts. You see doing crafts requires materials, those can be costly and they take up space.
So I'm gently and slowly weeding through my crafts. I know that fibre is truely where my passion is, so I'm going to focus on knitting, spinning and sewing for a while.

Painting is a craft I never got good at, so I have packed up all my supplies and they are ready to go to a new home with my friend, who is awesome at drawing and painting.

3D cards were another thing I used to make and lets face it, it has been years probably, since I last made one, so those are going as well. I haven't found them a new home yet, but I'm sure I will.

Drawing, like painting was something I never felt comfortable doing, but then I discovered the endless possibilities of lines, so my pencils aren't going anywhere at the moment.

As I dig out more crafts, that have been burried in the basement and forgotten, I'll relocate them to new and loving homes.

Monogamous crafting is not in the near future for me, and I don't mind that. As long as the suppies i have on hand are for crafts, I do on a regular basis, I'm good.

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