Sew Tuesday

Sewing is something I want to get a lot better at and I'm slowly making progress. So far it seems that I'm only getting good at ripping seams and not getting sad, because I have to do something over for the n'th time.

Since WIP Wednesday is doing such a good job at keeping me accountable with my knitting I figured why not start to do the same for sewing.

You may remember how my very un-proportional, but beautiful body made my life difficult when I first began to work on this top.
The ladies at the shop, where I got the fabric, were so nice and helpful and I was spot on with my diagnosis.

So I began the treatment. I ripped all the seams and then I re-basted it all together again. This time with a 3 cm seam allawance instead of 2cm at the neckline and shoulders. I measured the pattern and size 38 was almost 1cm smaller than size 40, and I could use a size in between size 36 and 38 so 1 cm it was.
The next step was to try it on and it looked a lot better, although I find it hard to see, when it is just basted together.

I made it through half the sewing before one seam was so mean to me, that I put the whole thing in time out. Really, after trying and failing to sew it 2 times, I knew it was time to sit it down for another day and a fresh mind.

What have I learned?

  • ripping is key, never settle for less than good enough.
  • basting is your friend.
  • no matter how well things fit when basted, it is another story when it is sewn.
  • it takes time to learn how to sew well.
  • Learning to sew is a lot like learning to knit, the only difference is that I have been knitting for at least 15 years. 
  • If I sew as well as I knit now by the age of 37 (15 years from now), I will be very pleased. 

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