WIP Wednesday

I think it is about time I show you how my shawl is coming along. Being a monogamous knitter haven't been hard at all and I haven't felt like casting on anything new, yet.

I love knitting on the shawl at the moment and I have almost 5 flowers in the center from tip till top. I have calculated that I need 13 and I will make however many I feel like or until the yarn runs out, which ever comes first.

I fear that at some point, I'll really hate this giant shawl and just want to be done with it. Especially since I'm not knitting it for myself. And I'm really glad that there is no deadline on this project, because the rounds are getting longer and I have a feeling they will take hours to knit at some point.
Last time I timed a round it took 10 min. I think it takes me about 15 min. to knit a round at the moment, but I haven't timed it lately.

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