WIP Wednesday

Last week I was at almost 5 flowers on the shawl and was afraid that I might get bored with the project at some point. I'm still concerned about that, but so far I still love it.

You won't be getting a picture this week, because there really isn't anything to show, except that the shawl is bigger.

It's currently 53 cm from tip to top and a round takes 15 min and I have just begun the 7th flower.

I like doing these small updates each week on my progress because it keeps me accountable. As I've mentioned before I'm knitting this up as a sample for a family friend's yarn store. I don't have a deadline on it, but I want to get it done in a relatively short time. So far I have been knitting on it for a month and got half way through the body of the shawl. As the rounds are only getting longer and the border will take forever, I'm aiming at 4-5 months, hoping to have it done before March.

This is what the shawl is supposed to end up looking like:


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