Sew Tuesday

I was so very close to not having any sewing to talk about this week. How much of a failure would I feel like if I didn't manage to do any sewing the week after I proclaimed that a weekly update would keep me acountable?  The truth is not very much, so this will be the last. But somehow it still got me to get out the sewing machine, the iron and the ironing board and get to work.

Remember the neck seam that was making me slightly upset last week? Well, I based it and sewed it on the machine and it turned out fine. Then I did the embellishing seam and that turned out fine. Then I decided that the front embellishing seam wasn't good enough (I'm not aiming for perfect, but I need to achieve the I-would-wear-this-in-public---good-enough look), so I redid that and then I packed it all away again.

It felt good to do a couple of seams and then put it all away. At this speed it will take me a long time to make this top, but I'm not in a hurry. Although I might already have decided on what my next project is going to be (a t-shirt out of the left over fabric).

I fear ending up with a fabric stash. I worked so dilligently to get rid of my yarn stash and next on the list is the fibre stash. I need to make sure I don't end up with a fabric stash, but I think I'm good so far.

All in all a very good sewing week.

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