In need of socks

As far as I can recall I have knitted 9 pairs of socks in my life. Only 3 of those were for me. All 3 of those are now thread bare and one pair even has a hole in it. My man told me to toss them, because I'm always forcing him to toss his commercial socks when they get holes. We don't wear clothes with holes and I can't be bothered to darn commercial socks.

You know that saying a stitch in time saves nine?? I know now, that it is true...

It must have snagged on something in the wardrobe. 

Living stash free means that I won't be knitting sock any time soon. I need to finish my shawl first. So I'll be mending these and hoping that the other two pairs will last all winter. I do have commercial socks so I won't be freezing my toes off this year, but I'm hoping that one day my sock basket will have nothing but hand knit wool socks in it. All part of the gameplan for a hand made wardrobe. One day...  

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