Sew far, sew bad...

It is no secret that I have dreamed of someday having a completely handmade wardrobe.
Knitting is a big part of that, but let's face it, I'm not going to knit all the clothes I need and want, ever.

So I have taken up sewing and have been working on a that pretty, long sleeved top my parents gave me fabric to make for my birthday. I came a long way, all my seams were so pretty, I was surprised how good it looked and then I ran into troubles.

You see, I need a size 40 to fit my chest, but at 165 and 52 kg the rest of me is, how should I put it, a lot smaller than my chest measurement would lead you to think.

At least that is what I think is the problem, as the top is gaping at the neckline. Because I'm fairly new to sewing. I really don't know what the matter is, all I know is that something needs to be altered a lot, before this top will be worn by me.

So I'll be going to the fabric shop that, thankfully, is a small independent shop in our town, and ask if they have any advice. I think the solution is to scale the part above my breast to a much smaller size, but how on earth do you do that?

Hopefully the nice ladies will answer my questions, help me and not just tell me to toss it and forget it. i don't think I'll ever fit into any commercial pattern straight off, because this is not the first time I've run into this very problem...

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