Let's review: Simple Knits for Easy Living by Erika Knight

First impressions

This book really appeals to my aesthetic. It's calm, light and minimalistic. Very Scandinavian actually. It is also clearly aimed at beginners and with the different themes at the beginning, I believe any fashion conscious woman in her 20s or 30s would find it appealing. 


The patterns

The patterns are grouped after rooms. The projects in this book are very basic, but keeping in mind that the book is aimed at beginners, I figure that's a good thing. The patterns are kept short and don't seem overwhelming. There are several pages with inspiration, how to add embroidery, beads etc. 
To an experienced knitter (that would be me) some of the patterns seem redundant. How many variations of squares sewn together alternating the right side and the wrong side can you include in a book? Apparently at least 3.
I do love the versatility of yarn choice and especially the bathroom section provides a plethora of different projects. To a brand new knitter, I imagine seeing, that you can knit with regular yarn as well as fabric leftovers and sisal, make baskets, bags, bathrobes and scrubbing gloves must open up there eyes to the almost unlimited possibilities in knitting.

Aditional info

There is a large learn to knit section at the beginning of the book. the pictures are hit and miss in my opinion. Some are clear, some are not at all. They are all however of a decent size, which is a plus.
The care info at the back is okay, except for the notorious picture of a clothes line. Why are those so often included when knitting really should dry flat? (The book even says so!)

What I would knit

This is a tricky one. The answer is nothing. I've had this book for many years and I haven't knit anything out of it yet and I don't plan to either.  


Final judgement

I like this book. I wish I had a friend who didn't knit yet, whom I could run it by to see what the inexperienced eye would think. Most of the photography in this book is very stylish and timeless. To me, it's almost a coffee table book. I enjoy looking through it time and again. Another compliment for this book is, that it's now 14 years old and you wouldn't need to make any significant changes to publish it today. 
If you aren't completely new to knitting, I would recommend checking the book out from the library. If you have a friend who is just starting out and likes this kind of look, then tell your friend to go ahead and get the book right away.

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I am in no way paid to do this review and always give my honest opinion. Your milage may vary. 


  1. I had exactly the same impression! I found the book a few years ago, but didn't buy it because it seemed to be too easy for advanced knitters. There was nothing I would knit. Still, the book was nice to look through. I didn't notice the clothes line! That does seem to be a very misleading photo to add!

    1. yes, sadly a lot of books I've seen includes it. If the reader doesn't actually read the bit about drying flat, then how will they know? But I guess a clothes line is way more picturesque than rolling your knits in a towel to press out the water etc.

  2. it's great that the projects are so timeless that even though it is 14 years old it is still relevant, but I know what you mean- I don't knit much for the home, I'm pretty garment focused.

    1. Me too, the only thing I knit consistently for our home is the dishcloths. Those I wouldn't want to be without!

  3. This book looks lovely, and I'm really surprised that its 14 years old! Think I will def have to check it out :)