Rock Solid Designs - Interview and Giveaway

Knitting is always a great icebreaker so tell us, what is on your sticks?
Oh man. I am horrible at project monogamy, so there are a few things going so far. Right now I’m working on an infant sized Antler Cardigan by TinCanKnits for our son due in October. I’ve also got a blanket in the works for him, plus a plain ribbed sweater in the works for my husband. Hmm...I just realized I have nothing in the works for me. That might need to change!

I get knit crushes on designers all the time, who is your favourite knitwear designer at the moment? 
Right now it might be TinCanKnits. I love all of their designs. They are so classic, but interesting to make. Plus I love the huge range of sizes available for each of their projects. I don’t have to worry about upsizing/downsizing a pattern I love.

Box bag

Now Stephanie, how did you come up with the name for your business? 
This is probably the most boring business name story ever. Back when I first joined Ravelry, I needed a user name. I was in school for Geology, so after casually mentioning it to my dad, he suggested “rocksolidstitches” to incorporate both things I was interested in at the time. Of course when I went to start a business, the most logical thing to do was to relate my business name as close to my internet name as possible, while still distinguishing it as a separate entity. Hence, Rock Solid Designs.

When and why did you start selling bags and knitting patterns? 
I started selling knitting patterns two or three years ago- more because I had written up a design I thought of, and figured why not. I don’t design regularly, but when the mood hits me I have to get something written down. I prefer to work with knitting patterns that way. I’m very mathematical, but not very creative, so coming up with designs is a bit more challenging for me.

As for project bags, that started in early 2013. I wanted something a little larger than I was finding online, plus I wanted to be in control of the design. Of course, there are only so many bags you can make before you have way more than you need, and friends were commenting on how much they wanted one. So, I figured why not? It’s been a ton of fun coming up with styles, sizes, etc. In fact, lately I’ve been working on a box bag style that snaps instead of zips close. It’s crazy how popular it is, and I’ve never seen anyone selling them before!

I know you have been selling your products at shows, what is your favourite part of going to those?
I love meeting other vendors, and being inspired by them. Whether it’s their booth layout, or logo design, there’s always inspiration somewhere. Plus sometimes you can see a configuration that you would have never thought of, and incorporating it into my space makes it even better! Being able to speak with customers and hear what they want is awesome, too. Like the above snap bags, for instance. Who would have thought of that? It was actually a custom request that I decided was worth pursuing further. I would have never had the suggestion if I didn’t attend that show!

Notion Pouches

Where do you get inspiration from?
Fabrics that catch my eye, customer’s ideas, anything around me. With my knitting patterns the inspiration comes from geometrics I see around me in life.

What is you favourite Rock Solid Designs item to make and why? 
My favorite item to make right now is actually my Aeryn leg warmers. It’s such a fun pattern, and easy to follow once you get used to the rhythm. Plus fall always sneaks up on me, so it’s nice to have something simple to work on to keep my legs warm once it gets here!

Aeryn leg warmers

How much time do you devote to Rock Solid Designs each week? 
Right now it’s only about 10 hours a week. Life is crazy this summer, so most of it has been with online promotion/prepping raw goods. In a few weeks I’ll start some serious prep for the fall craft circuit, and those are easily 30 hours weeks just on this business.

And finally, what are your goals and dreams for Rock Solid Designs?
I hope in another year or so to reach a point where I can count on this as a steady side income. Right now it’s pretty spotty, based on craft shows and how much time I have to devote to it. I want to reach the point where I have an actual pattern “line” to promote. I also hope to offer a small club program in 2015, which would contain a project bag, a pattern by myself or another indie designer, and a skein of yarn from an indie dyer. I’m still in the process of getting the details of that worked out, but cross your fingers we are able to make it a go!

Bucket bag

Thank you Stephanie, for answering all my questions. But wait there is more... Stephanie is generously giving away one of her bags: 

This bag is made from 100% cotton fabric and closes with a smooth nylon coil zipper. The bag is double-interfaced to help keep its shape and prevent anything from poking through. It’s fully lined and constructed with no exposed seams. The zipper opens at the top when the bag is hanging by the handle, so the contents will not spill out. Each bag is sewn with care, from only top-quality fabrics!

Dimensions: Approximately 8 inches x 3 inches x 3.5 inches.The perfect size for a sock knitting project or a cosmetic case.
To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment sharing your favourite item from Stephanie's store
The giveaway ends Thursday the 14th at midnight GMT and the winner will be announced Friday the 15th.


  1. Gorgeous items in the shop, I love them all, my favourite has got to be the Sheep DPN Sleeve; I love sheep and I have no where to store my needles yet <3

  2. I love the Hedgehog Box Bag. I have some of that fabric in my stash and have yet to get around to making something (for something read project bag) with it.

  3. Hard to choose one favourite, there are so many lovely items! If I'd have to pick I would say the Green Owls DPN sleeve, because I have a soft spot for owls :)

  4. My favorite is the neon paisley box bag. It's so bright and happy!

  5. I love Red Sheep Box Bag. (I love them all)

  6. I love the Muey Caliente fabric. Of the bags made in this I think the Box Bag is my favourite.