My hands made me do it...

I swear, it wasn't me, no, no... Not at all. You see my hands made me do it, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

After my revengeful yarn attacked me, my hands just didn't want to knit with it. It doesn't help that I have made a design that includes the most dreadful words possible in a knitting pattern: crochet! oh no wait, that wasn't it, I believe that might have been The Savvy Girls talking.. Do you think Melanie is trying to brainwash me? Let's get back on track, the word is of course the much dreaded AT THE SAME TIME. Ahh yes, I went there, it was needed. If you have a clever way of shaping armholes and doing a v-neck at the same time, without actually having to do it, you know, AT THE SAME TIME, then please come to my rescue.

All that to say this: the vest is currently thinking about its behavior in my knitting basket. You give your knits timeouts too, right?
However, with said garment in timeout, my hands grabbed a skein of wool, wound it and was casting on for a stockinette hat before I knew it. I'm certain they have a will of their own at times. I didn't really know where I was going with the hat. I just thought I could use a new hat for winter and then I cast on and enjoyed all the stockinette. Next I told Instagram that I might do a free pattern for it, if it turns out well. What have I gotten myself into? And it gets worse (or better, I'm slightly ambivalent).

All I knew for sure was that it needs a good frogging. The odd thing is I didn't even mind. I will do just about anything to avoid frogging the vest again, but this hat? I'm ready to frog it and enjoy the stockinette again I though. Well, it didn't quite of that way. As I was frogging away merrily (I had about 12cm knit up), I looked over at my man and said would this be better ribbed and he said something to the effect of yes (I'll leave his exact words up to your imagination).

Instead of enjoying endless stockinette, I'm now enjoying endless ribbing, which is very strange. But what can I say, my hands made me do it.


  1. Sometimes you have to give a knit a time out, for sanity's sake! I hope it works out in the end. Sometimes those time outs give enough mental distance that you can go back with fresh eyes and find solutions that weren't visible in the heat of the knit.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Most times I find new joy and the problem has all of a sudden shrunk to nothing...