End of Summer - Micro Business Update.

Today marks my first day of school for the new semester, a fitting day to do an end of summer update on, don't you think?

The past 3 months have brought with them a lot of changes to the blog and my tiny business. I've spent hours and hours researching how to do this and that, then fiddling with it and feeling like a champ when it actually worked out. I even have a slight idea of what some of the most comment elements of html mean now. The tinkering with the blog will probably never end, but I've come to a place where it is time to channel some of that energy into other aspects of my business.

The most time consuming of those aspects would be the collection I've started working on. It will be a long process, especially as my time will be seriously limited by my studies. Don't get me wrong, I love my studies, I found my place of home in the academic world back in 2010 and I have felt that way ever since. Studying, along with my new job, will mean all I'll have will be evenings and frankly I'm usually very tired by then, which isn't a good time to design. I'm not complaining though, I have all the time in the world to work on this.

progress on the sock design

I still have 2 patterns in testing and there have been a slight delay, so they aren't quite ready to be published yet. I can't wait until they are though. I'm praying that with the release of a few more patterns, I'll actually make some sales again. Saying that business has been slow would be lie. There hasn't been any business at all... But hey, I'll keep trotting along anyway since I'm having a grand old time doing it all.

Coming soon...

As I'm facing a season of less knitting time, I'm wondering if I should make this into more of a lifestyle blog. Featuring more of our cooking and other adventures. What do you think?


  1. And so the busy season begins! I have no idea where this year went. How is it already September?

    As to your question about a lifestyle blog, I can't help, I'm afraid. I like that you focus on knitting here, but at the same time I would also enjoy reading more about what you get up to. Hm, maybe others can help.

    1. Good to hear Nadia, I'll keep that in mind. No matter what the knitting post will continue to pop up whenever I have something to say or show.. I don't know where the year went either, but it has been a good one so far!

  2. With school comes less knitting :( .

    I definitely would be interested in knowing what happens outside of your knitting, and to update us on balancing school and knitting (something I am terrible at)!

    1. I am too. Often I'm too tired after a long day of classes and studying to do any knitting if it requires more than just stockinette.