Let's Review: iMake Magazine issue 4 by iMake aka Martine Ellis

For 4GBP, the equivalent of a fancy coffee here, you get 21 pages of iMake goodness.

When I sat down with the magazine, I had no idea what to expect. I've read Martine's blog and listened to her podcast every now and then (I'm sooo far behind on podcasts, but that's another story). But what in the world would her magazine be like? Well, if you take your favourite magazine and cut out all the annoying ads and full pages of (half naked) pictures, you're essentially left with the iMake magazine.

There is the thoughtful essay, that really got me thinking, a recipe of course, a project for you to do, an explanation of a fairly new technique in knitting, clear photographs.. It's all there!
"What about the 'gift' that comes with your favourite magazine?" You might ask... Well, it's there too. You get a cool 'keep calm and...' print, related to one of the articles.

The article on ebook publishing by Laura Gresin would be worth the price alone, if you are looking into ways to publish an ebook, (like me). Additionally Martine had written a great article on Getting Stuff Done, including which tools, she has found worked best for her. This piece reminded me of the joys of inbox zero, why did I let that slip away? Thanks to Martine, I'm now back on the wagon.

Towards the back of the magazine, there is a page called social butterfly with recommendations on whom to follow where. This is a fun way to share some of your favourite bloggers, instagrammers(?), etc.

All in all, I think this magazine is worth the price! It took me the same amount of time to look through and read as my favourite print magazines do. On top of that, I just love, that this is completely independently 'published', which means almost every penny you spend on it goes to the lovely people, who made it (which would be chiefly Martine).

What are you waiting for? Go and get your copy right here.

This magazine was supplied to me free of charge for this review. I always give you my honest opinion. Your milage may vary.


  1. Thanks for such a lovely review Pia :-)

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for making such a great little zine.