Our garden comes home.

 When we were home on the island this summer we got a few pots from a flea market for almost nothing. They were filled with soil, watered and a cutting of a few herbs were placed in them. Each cutting was only allowed to keep a few big leaves to provide it with energy. Then we placed them in the shade and watered them every day.

My mum graciously took over the daily task of watering them when we left and now my in-laws have brought them to us. Only one of the original cuttings didn't root, so my mum stuck a new cutting in and it seems to have taken well.

The cuttings, before thinning off the leaves 

It's wonderful to have our own organic herbs straight from my parents' garden. While we were home I dried a bunch of herbs as well and we have been enjoying them while we have been waiting not so patiently for our pots to get here.

I suffer from a condition aptly named barnheart by Jenna of Cold Antler Farm. I try to do anything from scratch, even designing knitting patterns is a part of this condition for me. While we're stuck in a flat, I'm trying to make the most of it and even though I've had a number of herb gardens before, this one makes my heart sing in a different way. It just feels right all the way through.

Do you have a barnheart and how about an herb garden?

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