Reclaiming Time

We all have 24 hours in a day, so how come some people appear to have 36 and others just 12? I've decided I need to reclaim a bunch of my time, if I want to juggle being a full time student, working a job, having a micro business, blogging, being a loving partner and oh, do I need to mention sleeping well? Cue my question to all of you for tips on how to do it all.

Now that I have an idea of what my weekly schedule is looking like for school, I need to carve out time to do the other things I'm passionate about. This means I'll have to fight the urge to cuddle up to my man every night in front of the TV. Instead I need to spend most of that time getting things done.

Would you judge me, if I told you I have some wonderful feedback on one of the patterns, I have in testing, that I still have to get around to implementing? I just haven't had the brain space to sit down and work on something important like that. If, however, I want to work on my micro business during my semesters, I need to find that brain space.

Believe me, I have considered using the semesters to work on knitting up new patterns only and leaving the majority of the pattern writing, testing and adjusting to vacations. I'm still undecided on this point.

Having a fairly anal personality, I do well with schedules, planning and checklists. I might even venture so far as to say I thrive with them. So I'm sitting down to re-evaluate every hour of my week. The aim is to find 30 min here and an hour there to work on the things, that so far has been put on the back burner.

Do you need to reclaim your time? Join me and we'll do it together. I'll keep you updated on my progress.


  1. I agree that it can be challenging to find time for your passions especially during the busy months. My goal this semester is to stay up to date with assignments and studying so I don't have to spend the last 6 weeks of the term studying literally 12 hours per day. I'll keep you posted how that works out for me ;)

    ps: I FINALLY had time to go to the post office yesterday so your parcel is on its way. Hope it arrives quickly :)

    1. Oh I hope that works out for you. I do that every semester and the last few weeks before the exams, with no classes are usually my favourites, because I get to re-read everything and it makes a lot more sense then.

      I'm so excited to share the content with everyone soon ;)

  2. I really make time for some knitting or reading, regardless how busy I am. If I don't take my time with activities that allow me to switch off I go insane. But finding the perfect balance is impossible and maybe we should accept that at one point. There'll never be enough hours in a day to get everything done and there's no point getting frustrated about it :)

    1. You are absolutely right. I'm not looking for perfect, just slightly more balanced. A lot of my time is eaten up by time wasters. It is that time I'd like to reclaim and use intentionally.