Spinning the ocean

With the ocean on my mind, I had to pick this lovely Malabrigo Nube as my next spinning project. I'd really like to design something with the finished yarn for the collection

The colours are absolutely my mum's colours, so if I could gift the FO to her it would be great! So um, if your reading this*, what would you like? If your reading this and you're not my mum, I'd still love to hear your suggestions. I'm thinking shawl...

Well, since I only have 113g. shawl may be an overstatement, maybe a kerchief of some sort? The colours are absolutely lovely. I'm spinning them so they'll blend and barber-pole once plied and because my mum likes 2-ply and this will likely be something for her, a 2-ply it will be. 

It will probably be a while before I finish this project, since I'm surprisingly busy at the moment. New semester, new job  and so much studying and things to do... It really east away my crafting time and energy. Anyway, here is the very beginning of the first single. The colours just really reminds me of the ocean on a calm day where you can see all the colours of the various depths. Beautiful, right?

* I have a suspicion, that my mum mostly looks at the pictures, now I'll  no for sure soon, right?!


  1. That is a lovely colour indeed, your mum is one lucky lady!

    1. haha yes she is, but when you think of all she has done for me, I would have to spin all the wool in the world for her!

  2. Their colours are all so pretty. I look forward to seeing your finished yarn. I must get on with mine too.