Saturday - Reclaimed!

Let me tell you about my Saturday. All of last week, I worked so hard to be able to have Saturday off, to reclaim my time and it worked! By Friday 2.45pm, I was done with all my homework for Monday and sat down to knit and work on patterns. I was able to not only write and turn the heel of the sock, but write and work the gusset as well. After placing the heel turn off-centre once or twice, (okay, three times, don't judge me, it was Friday night, my stitches were in party mode, dancing all over the place), it was all smooth sailing.

Saturday morning I had to prepare something for the job I get paid for, otherwise known as work- work. By 11am, I was done and ready to tackle my mental list of things to do for my micro business. I have been craving a day like this for the past 20 days, that is ever since my semester began.

With a cup of tea at my side, I sat down and began filling in the blank spaces in the sock pattern. Once I had filled in everything I could, I decided to spend some time investigating knitting fonts, since I really need one for charting this pattern. I looked high and low on the interwebs, most free fonts weren't for commercial use and the once that were simply didn't speak to me.

StitchMastery came to mind. A font collection and full on editor, I remembered hearing good things off in the past. I also recalled why I had never looked much further into it. The font collection is 100DKK, the editor 600DKK. For comparison our weekly grocery budget is 600DKK feeding two adults. This is a lo-o-o-ot of money for me. I asked around on Twitter and was told, it was the best money ever spent on a design tool by someone I fully trust, when it comes to these kind of things.

Thankfully, there is a demo version of the programme, which lets you experience how intuitively it works and the group on Ravelry is filled to the brim with info. Cathy, the maker of the programme, provides very quick feedback to any questions, even on a Saturday.

The remaining part of the day was spent playing around with the programme and knitting on the shawl and the sock.

This editor, I think I'm in love. I've already asked for the full version for my birthday. I charted the pattern repeat for the sock in no time. I believe you can even have it give you the written instructions from the chart and vice versa, although I haven't tried it yet, since I'm still on the demo version.

Do you have any experience using StitchMastery or any similar editor or knitting fonts?


  1. Good for you for reclaiming your saturday, feels good doesn't it? :D

    1. most certainly does! now if only I could make it happen again next week :)