Waves of love

The waves are gently and slowly rolling in, on the shawl that is. My last ferry trip was anything but gentle. We headed home Friday and surprised my parent's with a small gathering for their 40th wedding anniversary. It's slightly insane to think of all the years they've stuck together through thick and thin. We had a wonderful time celebrating their love with close friends and family Saturday night and early Sunday morning I went home to go to work right away. I don't think I knitted a single stitch this weekend nor did I have the time to do a blogpost Monday.

Studying is still eating up most of my time, leaving me very tired by dinner time and ready for bed around 9pm. I find it difficult to carve out time for pattern writing, since I need to be on my A game, when I'm working on the patterns. I have, however, started to get a feel for the homework load, how long it takes to complete and when I need to do it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a tiny bit ahead soon and then maybe have the weekends off, so I can work on pattern writing one day during the weekend.

Thankfully, the shawl still feels like a warm embrace. I have 8 waves done so far and still a long way to go, but I don't mind. Knitting a shawl where you decrease is my favourite kind of shawl knitting. Starting at the point makes the work grow fast at the beginning, but then you meet those seemingly endless rows. With this shawl, once you've conquered the cast on it's smooth sailing and every so many rows you get to cast of a nice amount of stitches.

If you happen to know how I can *do it all*, then please let me know. Until I figure that out, I'll have to stick to doing the most important things first and sadly, knitting isn't one of them right now. But don't worry, I'm sneaking in a row here and there and every stitch counts.


  1. Can't wait for this pattern! Zx

    1. Oh i'm so happy to hear, but it will likely be a while if I release it as a collection :)