Let's Review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbera Kingsolver

If there is one thing besides fibre arts that really intrigue me, then I'd have to say it is cooking and baking. Few things make me more excited than good food from great ingredients. Thus I've wanted to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbera Kingsolver ever since I read The Poisonwood Bible, which is one of my favourite novels.

I had no real idea of what this book was about except food and the good kind, so I didn't really have any expectations, except that it would be well written. And I think the book lived up to that one.

This book is a chronicle of Mrs. Kingsolver's family's year of eating localy and seasonally. It is a collaboration between her, her husband Steven L. Hopp and her daugther Camille Kingsolver and features plenty of stories about their youngest daugther as well. Mrs. Kingsolver writes the main part of each chapter, with her husband writing about a page on an issue related to the topic. At the end there is a short part written by her daugther, from the teenager's perspective including recipes and meal plans.
If I could have changed one thing about all this it would have been the layout as Mr. Hopp's parts were placed in the middle of Mrs. Kingsolver's text and I either had to stop in the middle of the chapter or risk forgetting to return to his part, which did happen once and frankly annoyed me.

As with all books, this one is written from their point of view and you may not agree with everything in it, but I learned a few things and it certainly made me want to read and learn more. And while I haven't laid off the bananas yet, I have seen other changes in my grocery shopping while I've been reading this book.

Have you read it, or have a suggestion for something similar that I should read? Let me know in the comments.

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