Rhubarb crumble?

It is rhubarb season!

Rhubarb season means all things rhubarb in my kitchen if I have my way. One of my favourite ways to have rhubarb is in a sort of crumble that is fast to make and delicious!

You will need:
Rhubarb, about 100-150g per person
Sugar, I prefer brown cane sugar 

Cut up your rhubarb and toss it with sugar in a pan for the oven. A note on the sugar: how you like your rhubarb is a very personal thing. I like it tangy, others like it sweet. You will need to add sugar according to taste. For a middle sweet version use half the weight of the rhubarb. Say you have 300g then you would use 150g sugar. I use less, about 100g. You can also use more, but wait till they are done cooking, so you know how sweet they are (this depends on the kind of rhubarb you have as well as the sugar) before you add more than half the weight's worth.

Now cook it at 200C for 8-12 min. You want the rhubarb to be somewhat al dente, soft, but keeping its shape. 

While the rhubarb is in the oven, you prepare the oats. I use a generous handful per person, toss it in a pan with sugar. You need enough sugar to slightly brown/caramelize the oats, but you don't want them drenched in it. Start with a little and add more until they are crisp and golden.  You need to stir it almost constantly, so you don't end up with a lump of caramel. 

When both the rhubarb and the oats are done you have to choices. Layer the two like you would a lasagna, either in small portions or a big bowl and

a) stick it in the fridge to cool and settle for an hour or two, then proceed to b.


b) whip the cream, add it on top and enjoy!

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