#operationsockdrawer - dad edition

Is there ever someone you follow, who seems very prolific, but you can't help but wonder, if they took a bunch of pictures once of a project and then pretend it is a number of different ones?

I would never do that to you, but have been wondering if all my sock knitting for my dad has made you suspicious.

You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding, so here you go: pudding in the shape of my dad's sock drawer and for good measure the sock I'm currently knitting for him.

There is a grand total of 7 finished and well loved socks and a pair on the needles as well. I knitted another pair for him in fancy yarn, that shrunk (shrinked? / shrank?) in the washing machine..

I wish my sock drawer had this many hand knit socks. How many pairs do you have?


  1. Your dad is very luck to have so many hand knit socks! I knit myself 5 pairs but recently I have been focused on knitting socks for others instead :P

    1. I know that feeling, although I have a lot fewer than 5 pairs. I would love to have 8-10 pairs myself and then just knit one or two each year, but my dad is my first priority when it comes to socks.