Useful bargains and a little FYI

These past few day have included a little enhancement of my belongings.
First I found an amazing 'new' cook book from 1896. Its by a famous woman who had a number of restaurants with her husband back in her day. It is so much fun to read and cost me only 20 DKK on sale.

Next, I discovered a new charity shop by the red cross and in it was a dress that had my name all over it. It ends a little above the ankle  and is made of pure and lovely silk. For 175dkk it was most likely less than 10% of what it would be in a shop.

For a while I've been adding a cm to every measurement I had to make since my old measuring tape lost its first cm. Patterns says knit to 26cm, I have to measure 27cm. It gets old very quickly.
This means I've been hunting for a tape measure with both cm and inches. It's proven slightly difficult, so when my mum found this bear she thought of me and got it as a small present for me!

The last purchase I've made is a skein of yarn for my Still Light Tunic. Now instead of running out I'll have a lot left over, but I'm planning to knit some cute baby items of the leftovers so I don't really mind that much. The best parts about having to buy this skein was that a) my mum and I got to go to a new (to us) yarn store and b) there was a 35% sale on the yarn.

And now for the FYI: I started my study break (two words that do not belong together) yesterday and will be crazy bussy for the next 3 weeks. I plan to relax in the evenings with a little crafting, but in case I go a little MIA you know the deal and I'll be back (said in an Arnold accent) once my real vacation begin. 2 months of crafting time is worth the wait. 


  1. Love all the bargains! And that tape measure is adorable! I know that pain of study break (what terrible person coined that phrase?) and wish you the best of luck!

  2. Nika, thank you so much. If you are still a student then good luck to you as well, if not then enjoy!