Let's review: Adorable Animal Knits for Little People by Nuriya Khegay


First impressions

It was the front page on this book that reeled me in and upon showing it to my man, he exclaimed: Yoda! Can I just tell you there are some cute headgear in this book!That each chapter begins with a page, that not only contains pictures of the patterns in it, but detail shots in addition really appealed to me.

The patterns

The book start out with 3-4 photos of each hat showing both the entire project and details well. Towards the end there are fewer photos of the projects and i miss a (big) direct shot of the Robot (there is only one picture of this project with the pattern and one small on the index page for the chapter). The additional pieces, mittens, scarfs and socks correspond nicely to the hats overall, although a few are just plain or seem a little forced to me (like the socks for the Bear and the Robot, which appears only to differ in the cuff). 
The patterns are offered in 3 sizes: 6-12mo, 12-24mo and 2-3yo. 

Addittional info

In the back of the book there is a technique section taking you all the way from the gear you need, advice on selecting yarn, how to read a pattern and the basics of both knitting and crocheting. The one thing that gets me in this section is the part about taking care of your knits. Most knitters are fairly visual people and this books seems aimed at complete beginners, so why, oh why do you combine a relatively big picture of a mitten hanging on a line and then say in the small print that it is best to dry your knits flat? It's really a small complaint, but it just gets me.

What would I knit

The best way to judge a (knitting) book is not by the cover,  but by how many pieces you want to knit from it.
This book says it has 20 patterns in it and of those I would like to knit 9:

The Bear hat
The Baby Bear mittens
The Clever Owl hat   
The Space Elf (aka Yoda) hat
The Robot hat
The Shark hat
The Fox hat
The Reindeer hat
The Pinguin mittens

and my man also really likes:
 the Snowman hat

A 50% wanna-knit rate is not at all bad for a book. 

Final judgement

This is a great book for the new or fairly new knitter, especially one with small children or grandbabies.    I would say you should flip through it before you buy it and while it is not at the top of my wishlist I would like for it to join my personal library some day. 

I am in no way paid to do this review and make it a point to always give my honest opinion about anything I review. This book was generously provided for the review by the Public Library. The copy I reviewed was translated to Danish, so layout etc. may vary. 

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