Not so much sewing, but still...

After another day of studying, it is just so wonderful to relax with a bit of creating. I got out the fabric, ironed it and cut all the pieces.

There isn't much to show or tell really. I've always found it odd that this sewing thing involves very little sewing compared to the ironing, pinning, measuring, cutting...

As a knitter I still find myself terrified to cut into my fabric. In knitting you can always undo pretty much any mistake. Once you've made the cut in sewing, then there is no way back. Strangly enough, I have no qualms about steaking. Most of the time I don't even secure the yarn before cutting, I just go to town (much to the regret of my mum and nana, who shouldn't be in the room with me when it happens). It must be, that I'm just so much more confident in my knitting. I know when the wool requires stitching and when it doesn't. While I have sewn about 4 garments (in addition to other items) in my life, I still feel like a complete beginner, wishing someone was there to hold my hand. 

There is this sewing school I dream of attending, but it is 1000DKK for 4 times and entirely out of the question for years to come. But one can dream, right?!

Are you doing any spring sewing?

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