Up next: Summer Sewing

I've been to more stores than I care to think about, hunting for a few new summer pieces since my wardrobe, if you exclude everything that is either so washed out it's hardly worth donating or threadbare, promising to rip at any moment now, is fairly empty and a girl has got to have something to wear in the heat. 

After a good many trials and tribulations I started to feel like the only way I was going to get something to wear that a) I could afford and b) Wouldn't burn my skin (yes, I'm looking at you petrol based fibres!) I would just have to bite the bullet and make it myself. 

I ended up in the small fabric shop in the town we live in and the owner is just so kind and helpful. I found a pattern I liked and that should be easy to make and some fabric that made my heart sing. I love dots and this pattern is just so random and perfectly organised at the same time. 

Now the fabric is being washed and I've just copied the pieces and with any luck I may be able to cut them this weekend and they will be done before my vacation begins. 

Are you doing any sewing at the moment?

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